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Digital Transformation in Government – Part 2

In Part 1 of this 2-part series, I defined Digital Transformation in Government as the initiatives arising from: Using Big Data to do things or offer services that could be done otherwise (the “Data Driven Government”). Using IoT (Internet of … Continue reading

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Digital Transformation in Government – Part 1

Digital Transformation is the latest wave of applying digital technologies to improve government services and operations. In this blog, I’ll explore what Digital Transformation in government really is and how it differs from other initiatives of applying digital technology in government. … Continue reading

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Social Media Tools for Education: Public or Purpose-Built?

In a previous blog entry I argued how social media and the use of social media can have a great impact on students, particularly in the areas of developing key skills such as “collaboration”, “teamwork”, “leading by influence”, “communicating effectively … Continue reading

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Video and “The Inverted Classroom”

The use of video and interactivity holds lots of promise for education transformation. This is quite evident by now. In this update I will present a particularly powerful and transformative use of video in education. Research shows a direct correlation … Continue reading

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Social Media and Education

Can using social media improve math scores? As in TIMSS and PISA standardized test scores? A friend posed the question above as we were debating the topic of education transformation and where education systems were destined to. What struck me … Continue reading

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